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If you see your smiling face on any of our wanted by Hidalgo County bail bonds pages, then you know you either missed an important check-in or have deliberately skipped town. Possibly it’s all a big misunderstanding and if that is the case then a quick phone call will certainly clean things up and have this wanted by Hidalgo County page removed.

When someone skips bail they then become a fugitive and the race is on to get their information posted on our wanted section of the Hidalgo County Bail Bonds website. A defendant becomes a fugitive when they skip a court appointment or miss a meeting with one of their Hidalgo County bail bondsman.

If they skip a Hidalgo County court appointment most likely a bench warrant will be issued. When this occurs we will be notified and we will begin our collections process against the cosignor. We also place the fugitive’s vital information on a page like this.

What we are attempting to accomplish is the quick recovery of the fugitive so that we (and your cosignor) are not held liable for the full amount of the bond. If we have to pay the bond, your cosignor will also be liable for it. Remember, it was your cosignor who helped you, now help them save thousands.

Your Posted Information if You Are Wanted By Hidalgo County Bail Bonds

On our Hidalgo County bail bonds site we’ll post the following information about the fugitive we have on bond:

  • * An image of the fugitive (you) our bounty hunters are searching for
  • * Your Height
  • * Your Weight
  • * Your D.O.B. (Date of Birth)
  • * Your Occupation
  • * Your Criminal Charge(s)
  • * Your Amount of Bond(s)
  • * Your REWARD information – Yes. We will post a nice fat reward to help catch you.

Example Wanted Image

If you’re wanted by Hidalgo County bail bonds we’ll also place your mugshot photo on the site and dedicate an entire page to you. This image will then be posted on our Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and other social media accounts… just to be sure we get good media coverage.
Wanted by Hidalgo County

What happens when a wanted fugitive is captured by Hildago County bail bonds?

Once a wanted fugitive is captured they will be returned to jail to complete their criminal trial. We will replace the mugshot photo depicting “WANTED” with one that reads “CATPURED”. We might even bail the defendant out again depending on the amount of bail and the collateral put up.

We ask that if you see one of our wanted fugitives to please call us or contact your local police. Do not approach or attempt to apprehend the fugitive wanted by Hidalgo County bail bonds as they may be armed and dangerous.

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  • Who was the arresting agency?
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If you don't know most of this information it's ok. Please let your TX bondsman know and they will find the information for you.

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