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Hidalgo County Bail Bond Board was formed in 19xx and is a vital part of the bail bond process in Hidalgo County, Texas. We hope you take the time to read this page of our site as it pertains to how the license process in Hidalgo County works and to show that Hidalgo County bail bonds has put forth great effort to become a licensed bail bond company in Texas.
Hidalgo County Bail Bond BoardHidalgo County bail bonds hires only those bail bondsman who are legally allowed to become licensed bail bonds agents in the county of Hidalgo, state of Texas; in accordance with the Hidalgo County Bail Bond Board.

Yearly, a list is compiled which includes all bail bond companies in Hidalgo County that are licensed and eligible to write bail bonds. This list includes the name of the bail agency, the address, phone number and often the surety company. If you have any question as to whether or not we can write bail bonds in Hidalgo County, please check the Hidalgo County Bail Bond Board list of licensed bail bonds agents.

You Must Complete a Hidalgo County Bail Bond Board Application

In order to start the process of a bail bond career, you will first need to fill out, in it’s entirety, the Hidalgo County Bail Bond Board Application. A copy of the application can be downloaded directly from our site or you can visit the Hidalgo County Bail Bond Board and download there as well.

Hidalgo County Bail Bond Board Application

The application for a bail bond applicants is quite lengthy. In order to ensure no bond is forfeited a bond amount of $50,000 must be deposited with the Hidalgo County Treasurer. The $50,000 can be a certified cashiers check or certificate of deposit. Secondly, a property valued at $50,000 or more must be placed in trust to the Hidalgo County Sheriff. These conditions are again, to ensure that the property can be sold to satisfy the forfeiture of any bail bond in Hidalgo County. Conditions are provided in the Texas Occupations Code Chapter 1704 as amended by the Texas Bail Bond Fairness Act of 2001.

Once the monetary conditions are met the applicant must then submit eleven (11) copies of the application with a non-refundable check in the amount of $500 for processing fees.

For more information about the Hidalgo County Bail Bond Board please visit their official website at:

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Please Have This Information Ready For Your Bondsman:

  • Full legal name of the defendant
  • Defendant birthdate and SSN
  • What Jail is the defendant in?
  • What are the charges?
  • What is the booking number?
  • Who was the arresting agency?
  • How much is the bail amount(s)?

If you don't know most of this information it's ok. Please let your TX bondsman know and they will find the information for you.

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