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It’s not difficult to understand how bail works. Someone is arrested and when they want to be released from Hidalgo County jail they pay a fee to one of our bail bondsmen. Now then, aside form making a payment there is a few more things that have to be taken into consideration.

If you, a friend or family member has been arrested in Hidalgo County Texas, it’s extremely important that you know and understand how bail works in Hidalgo County. Whenever someone is arrested in Hidalgo County, they will be taken to the local jail or county jail for processing, booking and temporary holding. This is the time where most people consider using a bail bonds service in Hidalgo County, but many do not know where to start. Keep reading to discover how simple our bail bonds process is and how bail works in Hidalgo County.

How Bail Works in Harris County, Texas

In Hidalgo County, Texas; bail bond fees can range anywhere from 9% to 25%. Higher bail amounts are typically given lower bail bond fees, this is simply how bail works in Hidalgo County Texas.

Once the booking and in-processing of a defendant has taken place, they will be issued a bail amount that will set them free from jail. A Hidalgo County bail bond is much like a promise to appear in exchange for collateral. In this instance, collateral is cash.

We have a simple contract for bail bonds service in Hidalgo County, we agree to post your bond and will hold that amount until you have completed the criminal trial and have cleared all other warrants for that trial.

How bail works in Hidalgo County is that the determined amount is based on the crime that the defendant has been accused of committing, as well as other factors such as:

  1. Prior criminal history
  2. On probation for other charges
  3. Flight risk status

The cost of bail in Hidalgo County can be somewhat high for most people and there are some defendants who choose to secure the service of a bail bond company. Bail bondsmen in Hidalgo County provide defendants the full amount of bail for only a fraction of the cost. This allows the defendant to be free from jail to begin battling their criminal charges.

Typically the defendant, while in jail, is given a list of bondsmen they can call who happen to be on the Hidalgo County bail bonds list.

If the defendant isn’t able to call a bondsmen or the bondsman needs more information, this is when the cosignor can help. One of our professional Hidalgo County bail bondsman will contact the cosignor upon the request of the defendant.

Prior to having the bondsman release the defendant, you, the cosignor, will need to provide the bondsman with defendant’s information such as their full name, date of birth, if and where they work, where they live, who they live with, the nature of the alleged crime (what they were arrested for), the bond amount(s), booking number. Once that information is given, you’ll need to tell our bondsman your information.

It’s essential that we understand who will be paying for the full face of the bond should the defendant not show up to court (this is called FTA or Failure to Appear).

Everyone wants to believe that their friend or loved one will not skip town and leave them with the cost of the full bail amount… but it happens.

Once all of the bail bond forms have been completed and the cosignor has made the down-payment (or full payment) our bail bondsman will give the court the full bail amount in the form of a bond.

Using a bail bond company like ours can save your family almost 90% of the total cost of the bail. So if your bail amount is $25,000 you will only need to pay $2,500. Not many people have $25,000 simply laying around. This is why bail bond service is essential to our communities.

How Bail Works in Hidalgo County Texas

How Bail Bonds Work in Hidalgo County: Rules

While the defendant is out on bail, they must understand that all court appointments must be made. The defendant will also need to check in with out office weekly or as determined. If the defendant fails to meet his or her obligations to our bail agreement then we will have no choice but to return the defendant to jail and ultimately, charge the cosignor the full face of the bond plus any essential fees in order to do so.

Once the trial has been completed, regardless of guilt or acquittal, the cosignor and defendant are removed from their contractual obligation to our firm how bail works in Hidalgo County, Texas is quite similar to how bail works in other parts of the country.

Bail bonds allow a defendant the ability to be out of jail so they can get back to work, their families, hire an attorney and begin to get their lives back on track. Please visit to get further information about how bail works.

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