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Hidalgo County Jail Information

The Hidalgo County Jail (also known as the Edinburg city jail) is the main holding facility for the county. This is the location where mostly all defendants will post bail. Anzaldua Bail Bonds is conveniently located directly across the street from the jail. We can post your bail bonds in Hidalgo County in just minutes. This jail is also known as the Hidalgo County Detention Center.
Hidalgo County JailAnzaldua Bail Bonds offers fast response and immediate release for your friends, family or other loved ones locked up in the Edinburg city jail. Depending on the time of day and the day itself, release from jail may take a bit.

The officers are always doing their best to get people released as quickly as possible. Although, sometimes there is an influx of defendants waiting to be booked or waiting to be out processed. Rest assured your bail bondsman will contact you as soon as the defendant is released.

There are some inmates who are incarcerated as they have been tried and convicted of a crime it’s not the same for defendants. Defendants are those people who are incarcerated who are simply awaiting their bond amount and release.

Anzaldua Bail Bonds Hidalgo County believes that all people are innocent until proven guilty and that every defendant deserves the right to bail bonds in Hidalgo County.

Hidalgo County Jail Inmate Search

Hidalgo County inmate search can be done by calling your bail bonds agent at 956.929.5987. If you aren’t sure where your friend or loved one is incarcerated, please call your bail bonds agent and they’ll find out this information for you.

Hidalgo County Jail Visiting Hours and Information

Information for friends and family thinking of visiting an inmate or defendant in the Hidalgo County Jail. It’s important to note that typically when someone is arrested in another city, like Edinburg, Wesalco, McAllen etc, that defendant may be booked at that police department and then transferred to county jail only to be booked and processed again. So after someone is arrested it may take some time to get through the booking process.

  • Visiting hours are Sunday through Saturday 8AM through 8PM
  • No items may be brought to inmates from home.
  • There is a commissary where inmates are allowed to purchase items. Money to pay for commissary items comes directly from the inmates account (inmates books).
  • There is no limit to the amount of money an inmate can have on their books. If you wish to add money to an inmates books it must be in the form of a US Postal money order.
  • Inmates are issued orange jumpsuits when booked into Hidalgo County jail. All street clothes, jewelry, etc will be placed in storage until that inmate (or defendant) is ready for out processing.

Hidalgo County Detention Center Directions

Hidalgo County Jail | Hidalgo County Detention Center
710 El Cibolo Road
Edinburg, TX 78541
Phone: (956) 383-8114
Fax: (956) 393-6179

More information about the Hidalgo County Jail can be found on the official Hidalgo County website:

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