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Bail Bond Services offered by Hidalgo County Bail Bonds

All Hidalgo County bail bondsmen are licensed through the Hidalgo County Bail Bond Board. Our bail bond agents in Hidalgo County also meet other stringent personal and legal qualifications in order to provide bail bond services in Hidalgo County.

We are a large enough bail agency in Hidalgo County that we can write all types of bonds, to include, cash, surety, immigration, criminal and federal bonds. While we like to visit with each client, we understand that often this cannot happen which is why we developed “Bail by Phone”. The Bail By Phone option allows you to get a quality bail bond without having to travel in the middle of the night.

We offer the following services when you choose us as your bail bond provider in Hidalgo County:

  • * Free bail consultation
  • * We come to you no matter of the time of day
  • * Offices Open Statewide 24/7/365
  • * Hablamos Español
  • * All Hildago County Courts
  • * Confidentiality | Privacy Assured
  • * Phone Call Reminder The Day Before Court

We Offer Bail Bond Services Discounts

  • Attorney Referrals Discount
  • Union Members Discount
  • Active Armed Forces & Military Veteran Discounts

Along with our premier Hidalgo County bail services we can also come to your residence or place of business if necessary. Often, when someone is dealing with a lot of stress (in this instance, due to a family members arrest), they are too upset to drive. We also understand that not many people are able to drive at night. That is where Texas bail bonds can help. If you are too tired to drive, can’t drive at night or have no transportation, no problem. Hidalgo County bail bonds will come to you. We can also provide bail services via phone, text and fax.

Our Bail Bond Services are Nationwide

If you need bail outside of Hidalgo County, please contact us as we can help get you with the right bail bondsman in any part of the United States. Our contact list for bail services is large and we would like to help in any way we can. There of course, is no fee to you for this service.

We also do not discriminate and believe all people are presumed innocent until proven otherwise. We will write Houston bail bonds for the following alleged crimes, plus more:

  • Drug Offenses
  • Drunk Driving | DUI
  • Drug Possession
  • Spousal Abuse
  • All Felonies
  • All Misdemeanors
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