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A bail bond career is a great change of pace to the daily rut of normal sales jobs. Not only sales but a bail bond career also takes a person willing to help people. If you were considering a new career there is no better time than now to think about bail bonds careers.

Professional bail bondsmen (and bondswomen) are needed for several locations in Hidalgo County. Hidalgo County Bail Bonds is seeking ideal candidates to fill newly created positions due to growth.

Did you just retire and are looking for something new and exciting? Or, have you been laid off after working a number of years for an employer… only to find yourself out of a job, and your position given to someone younger, less experienced and willing to work cheaper?

Bail Bond careerYou are the ideal candidate for Hidalgo County Bail Bonds. We know you’re loyal, driven to succeed and are hungry for a change of environment. We urge you to call us today. Training will be provided for new hires.

Hidalgo County bail bonds makes every effort to empower our bail bondsmen and women to work and grow as individuals. But we are also are very selective about the people we hire.

All of our new applicants are thoroughly screened including criminal background testing, fingerprinting, employment verifications and drug testing.

Benefits of Hidalgo County Bail Bond Careers

Flexible Schedule: As a bail bondsman, your schedule can be very flexible. Many bail bondsmen find that by writing as little as two to three bonds per month rewards them with as much or more income than they might have made at their past job. Bail bonding is definitely a work-from-home job.

Extra Income: While the income of all bail bondsmen vary, you must be willing to get out and make sales and think outside the box when it comes to marketing Hidalgo County bail bonds to those clients that need our services. A bail bond career is much like any other sales and marketing position. It’s about meeting people and interfacing with them.

Recession Proof Career: When people lose their jobs in this tough economy, criminal actions (DUI, Robbery, Theft) increase. This is extremely unfortunate for society, but it means more work for a bail bondsman.

Networking Opportunities: In a bail bond career and as a bail bondsman, you will play an important role in the criminal justice system. You will have the opportunity to work with local law enforcement, attorneys and judges, which will give you valuable connections in the legal community.

What we expect from our bondsmen and support staff:

  • Oral Communication: Candidate will articulate thoughts, ideas clearly and effectively, have public speaking skills.
  • Teamwork | Collaboration: Candidate will build collaborative relationships with colleagues and customers; be able to work with diverse teams, negotiate and manage conflicts.
  • Diversity : Learn from and work collaboratively with individuals representing diverse cultures, races, ages, gender, religions, lifestyles, and viewpoints.
  • Leadership : Leverage the strengths of others to achieve common goals; use interpersonal skills to coach and develop others.
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: Candidate will exercise sound reasoning and analytical thinking; use knowledge, facts, and data to solve workplace problems; apply math and science concepts to problem solving.
  • Creativity & Innovation: Candidate will demonstrate originally and inventiveness in work; communicate new ideas to others; integrate knowledge across different disciplines.
  • Lifelong Learning & Self Direction: Candidate will continuously acquire new knowledge and skills; monitor one’s own learning needs; be able to learn from one’s mistakes.
  • Professional Work Ethic: Candidate must demonstrate personal accountability, effective work habits, punctuality, working productively with others, time and workload management.
  • Ethics & Social Responsibility: Candidate must demonstrate integrity and ethical behavior; act responsibly with the interests of the larger community in mind.

Drug Free Environment
EEO/AA Employer M/F/D/V/

Contact Hidalgo County Bail Bonds for Immediate Consideration

Contact us today to determine if you are the bail agent we are hoping to hire. To get started yiou can download the Hidalgo County Bail Bond Application for License

or; visit the Hidalgo County Bail Bond Board: and download the paperwork to begin your bail bond career in Hidalgo County.

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